Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace…

Coming in October to a bookshop near you – watch out for ‘Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace: A Spiritual Manifesto from a Jesus Perspective’, by ‘Shalom Activist’ and teacher Noel Moules. Some years back, at a time when many Christians would guardedly preface their changing perspectives on heaven and hell with ‘I’m not a Universalist but…’ I asked Noel if he now saw himself as a Universalist… characteristically, he responded without a moment’s hesitation, ‘Of course!’ Noel’s book bursts with faith and freshness, and comes over every bit as authentic, colourful and passionate as its author.

The topical question of Universalism is included in the book, and so much more besides; from fresh perspectives on the potential of our relationship to ‘wild nature’, to ‘shalom activism’, Noel draws from a wide range of references in his discussions on the radical implications of truly living from a Jesus perspective. Both liberating and deeply challenging, ‘Fingerprints of Fire’ is likely to connect not only with questioning Christians, but also with those who, like Gandhi, may have been impressed with Jesus but turned off by his church. The Amazon ‘look inside’ facility, reveals Pagan and Humanist recommendations for the book, as well as a number from influential Christians. Envisaging Christianity as nothing less than a vibrant, revolutionary way of being in the world, Noel’s book promises to contribute to the spiritual journeys of people of all faiths and none, and ignite a whole new raft of intriguing and energetic conversations.

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