Liz is a qualified personal coach and NLP practitioner and works with clients on ‘turning-point’ issues in their lives including dreams and destiny, relationships, health, fitness and weight-loss, confidence, and other pivotal areas. Liz also works as a spiritual transition coach, drawing from her own experience of spiritual journeying together with coaching insights and strategies and, where relevant, a biblical model of dream interpretation, to help facilitate the journeys of others.

Perhaps you are one of the many people who have found yourself disillusioned with church and are trying to figure out which parts of your faith to keep hold of and which you can safely let go; maybe you find yourself plagued by self-doubt, and perhaps regarded as an ‘outsider’ by some members of your old church – or even fearful that you could lose your faith altogether; or you could just be asking questions about meaning and purpose in your life, and wondering what else is out there… Wherever you find yourself spiritually, if you feel the need for a sounding-board, and for someone to help map out some stepping-stones from where you are to where you are aiming for, drop Liz a line via the Contacts page. She will be happy to arrange a complimentary half-hour session to explore your situation with you and consider some helpful ways forward. You can visit Liz’s dedicated coaching site on

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