Wednesday 10 April 2013, 8.00pm
Drinks & Dialogue with the Dranes!

Christian Spirituality: What is it… and where to from here?
Molesey (Venue tba)

John Drane is an academic, theologian, author of best-selling books on the Bible, Introducing the Old Testament and Introducing the New Testament, as well as numerous challenging books on culture and spirituality. John is truly radical in every sense of the word… able to go to the very roots of the Christian faith, and also to envisage freeing, creative ways of living it that connect us with, rather than distance us from others. John’s wife, Olive Drane lectures with John in Fuller Seminary, has authored books on creativity and spirituality, and is also very engaged with finding imaginative ways to connect with those on a spiritual journey. This is an evening where we will be able to hear from John and dialogue together on the controversial issues currently being aired in the church, and on the implications of these for our own faith; if we believed the wrong stuff for so long, how can we know if perspectives popularized by the likes of Steve Chalke and Rob Bell are any closer to the truth? What does our faith actually rest on? And if so much of what we once believed has unraveled thus far, how can we know if there will be anything left at the end of all this…?

If this evening sounds up your street, please reserve your place with Liz asap. Then come with your thoughts and questions and join us for an edgy, inspirational evening of Drinks and Dialogue with the Dranes!

Friday 23 November 2012

An evening with… Noel Moules
Following on from a brilliant evening of stories, drinks and dialogue with Dave Tomlinson (author of How to be a Bad Christian… And a better human being) on Friday 2 November, we will be joined on the 23rd by Noel Moules. Noel is director of the Workshop programme for applied spirituality, a founder member of the Anabaptist Network UK, and author of the recently-published Fingerprints of Fire… Footprints of Peace – a spiritual manifesto from a Jesus perspective. Noel has a passion for the principle of ‘Shalom’, which is highly likely to figure in the evening’s discussion.

There is limited room for these events at the moment, so please message me asap if you would like to join us (we may move the evening to a local coffee shop if numbers get too high).